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Very vibrant print can be achieved on paper board making it an ideal medium for branding. You can cut it into many different shapes and create structures that can carry a lot of weight but still light enough to hang from the ceiling and be made into a bulkhead.

Paper board is very strong yet light. It is easy to set up and can be recycled once you are done with the product. Easily transportable for any event or exhibit set up.

Back drops and environments can be created using this board enhancing the experience of your marketing event. 

Light Weight

The paper board we use is 100% recyclable and the paper used to create it is from responsible forestry and recycled paper. When you take from the planet, you put it back and leave the environment intact.

The ink used for print is eco-friendly and does not harm the environment.


We use a premium paper board that is light weight yet 70 times stronger than regular cardboard. It can often be used in place of metal, plastic or wood and is suitable for display shelves, furniture, and complete exhibition stands. Following in the footsteps of sustainable experiential marketing in Europe and Asia, we bring a sustainable design thinking in the way marketing is done so that we can be kinder to our planet. 

All of the paper boards that we source and use are FSC certified. We have material that is up to 98% recycled fibres with no extra cost to our clients when they choose to use this material. 

Sustainability is not just a buzz word at Hive City. It is how we design and make all of our products. We care about the kind of footprint we leave behind on this planet. We want future generations to have a chance to enjoy and see what we have. All the materials we use are recyclable or biodegradable, including our paper and ink. 

The ink that we use is in our UV printer is eco-friendly. Our displays are 100% recyclable and 100% guilt free because you know it's not going to sit in the landfill for the next 5 decades leeching chemicals into our soil and water systems.

Meets Functionality